Friday, December 11, 2015

Proposal for Artist Bazaar at Tokyo In Tulsa 2015

Hello, my name is David Cardamone and I am deaf.

Being deaf, I am not the most social person in the world and I need to make new friends, and the Artist Bazaar is the best way for me to meet people who will like me.
I am not really into making money at the Artist Bazaar, I am into it for making friends. Please, consider me as an entry, thank you.
I have a very diverse wide range of talents, from being Tulsa's only Deaf MMA and Kickboxing Champion, winning six Champion belts and fighting 30 pro fights, many live on Fox23, as well as being one of the very few deaf in the world who produces electronic music, and does painting, writing, poetry, electronic music production, film-making, martial arts choreography, etc. 

I would like to display my Cavalier figurine collection. They are not for sale, but just for display. I want to share with the world the Cuteness of Cavaliers and my love for them, to spread the love.
I love Cavaliers. I love my uber-adorable cavie, Molly. There will be prints of Molly in cosplay as Jack Frost a character from several Shin Megami Tensei games. They will be signed with a paw print.
I love my Molly. I have made her many music videos and love songs. I wish to share with the world my love for my cavalier, Molly. I make both the music and the music video. I will have cute paintings (think velvet garage style paintings of me and molly)

Here is some of my anime-related work. I prefer old school anime as some of the old school works are rather amazing.

I will also show my artwork, I have just recently painted a mural on the Living Arts of Tulsa building for 2015's Day of the Dead. It honors the dead who died in the Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan on March 11, 2011. The tsunami wave you see there is inspired and mimics the famous medieval woodblock. Using Hello Kitty was to me to keep true to Japan while configuring it for Day of the Dead.

I usually make art inspired by the Eurospy film movement of the 60's.
I plan to make Eurospy films starring myself cosplaying this character. I have made the outfit as well.

Here are Links to my work:
Visual art such as paintings:
I will be having cds of my electronic music made, yes I am a deaf musician.
link to my films:
Yes I did make a Live-Action Cosplay film.

I will be showing a video in a loop of my professional MMA fighting career. I have been shown live on Japan TV, Fox 23 locally and on cable television.
30 fights
19 wins, 9 KO, 4 sub, 4 Dec, 2 TKO
11 loss, 1 KO, 1 sub, 8 dec, 1 tko
4 Midamerican Lightweight MMA Champ belts
3 Midamerican Lightweight Kickboxing Champ belt
1 Midamercian Middleweight Kickboxing Champ belt
Here is a short highlight iof my fights:
I will have prints of me fighting and signing them for fans.